Recreational Electronic Chestguard: 2020 Armor Vest
Get this incredible tool. And get you to the top.
From now. Measure it and don’t guess. For the first time a player’s development is not only a feeling, it can be measured in numbers. Get key insights into your game – with data that was previously only available to pros in other sports. Our “High Performance Training Mode” offers you a whole new perspective on your players. Raise your coaching to another level and unleash your player’s full potential by knowing their reaction time, power and stamina.
We often wonder how my reaction is comparable to a world champion. Compare your data with the best in the world, and your team mates. Have benchmarks to strive towards.
“Am I peaking, plateauing or declining for my next competition?“ See if your stamina, reaction and power are on the incline or decline and adjust your game accordingly
After my injury, am I as fit as before, or even better? If you have a baseline for your reaction, stamina and power before an injury, you can use this information to determine how close you are to being back at 100%
This is now possible. Get your vest here with us. Let us make our Virtual Taekwondo training unique.