Turn your Vision into Reality

We are not a taekwondo club or school. All training will be virtual and is to supplement your current club training, with world class training from Germany’s Daniel Manz, Tahir Gulec and Sumeyye Manz. All of our instructors have competed, coached and won at the highest levels of taekwondo.

We would like to offer you an additional possibility to complete your club training. We benefit from five years of experience in virtual training. Thanks to our highly qualified team of trainers, we are able to offer you top-class training that is always adapted to the latest world taekwondo regulations and adapted to the latest sports science achievements.
We offer various memberships and personal training 1on1. We divide each athlete into special performance-based groups, which are changed at any time as they improve. We also have an extra button for coaches only. This only enables the trainers to book for a virtual club seminar. We would like to improve you hand in hand with the club coaches.

Not to be forgotten is our video opponent analysis, we are the first in the world in the area of Virtual Taekwondo to offer such a highly complex process. Imagine that one of the best taekwondo athletes in the world does your opponent’s analysis. Is not this great. This is possible from now on. Our Olympic participants will analyze your opponents to make your success even more predictable and secure in the future.
We have of course planned many more things for you, have a little more patience shortly we will give you more exclusive training options.

Greetings from your virtual taekwondo team


Olympic participations
World champion
World championship Medals
European champion
European Championship medals
Years of National team experience
Daniel Manz
Olympic Team 2008 / Olympic Games 2008 5th place / Worldchampion 2006, 2010 / World Championship Silver Medal 2004, 2008 / Vice European Champion 2003, 2008 / European Championship Bronce 2008 Member of World Olympic Association OLY / World Taekwondo coach license / USAT coaching license level 1/Coach A license German Olympic Sports Association / Physiotherapist
Sümeyye Manz
Olymic Team 2008, 2012 / World Championship Bronce Medal 2005, 2011, 2008 / World Championship Silver Medal 2010 / European champion 2008 / Vice European Champion 2010 / European Championship Bronce 2005
Tahir Gülec
Olympic Team 2010, 2016 / Worldchampion 2013 / World Championship Bronce Medal 2011, 2012, 2015, 2018 / World Championship Silver Medal 2010 / Grand Prix 2014 Bronce / European champion 2005 / Vice European Champion 2007 / European Championship Bronce 2009 / Coach C license German Olympic Sports Association

Equipment for effective virtual taekwondo training

Our highly qualified team of trainers have provided the right training equipment for you just for you here. Get these to put even more intense stimuli in training with us.

Resistance bands

These ultimate tapes come in different lengths and thicknesses. We would recommend buying them in a set. This enables us to improve the speed, kick power and much more with you.


Get yourself a BOB. It serves you in all areas of technology training and helps us to train realistic combat situations with you. Furthermore, you do not need a partner to hold paddles for you, and you can fully concentrate on your training.

jump box (Plyometric Box)

Put a jump box to this ingenious tool and help us to work with you in the field of plyometry. The effects are very important in Taekwondo because we have to be quick to be successful.

Athletic floor marking cone